The Childs Behavior Program provides parents with tools and techniques designed to help them become more effective parents. It is not designed to deal with children who have psychological disorders or medical conditions, and the strategies it suggests will not work for all types of children at all stages of development. Various factors may affect whether the program is effective with a particular child, including the child's age and developmental level, the child's setting/environment, and the parent's skill in applying the program.

Children who exhibit signs of dangerous behavior, to either themselves or others, should be placed under the care of a qualified professional. The Childs Behavior Program is not intended to take the place of professional therapy, counseling or medical treatment. Children currently under the supervision of a professional should not discontinue such care without the consent of this professional. This program is not intended as a substitute for medication, and you should never discontinue a child's medication without consulting a qualified professional.

All the statements in the Childs Behavior Program [books, materials, program, audio, etc.] represent the opinions of its author, Carol Cline.