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Carol Cline- Bestselling author of "Child's Behavior Program" has helped over 25,276 parents transform their childs bad behavior. how to potty train

"Discover A Proven Secret To Eliminate All Of Your Childs Most Defiant, Out Of Control And Frustrating Bad Behavior In Only
7 Days Flat... "

… Read Every Word In The Article Below And Discover The Key To instantly Transforming Even The Most Stubborn Child Behavior Problems...

Dear Fellow Parent,

With my help, 7 days from now you:

  • Know exactly what’s on your child’s mind and be able to communicate with them

  • Never have your child embarrass you with temper tantrums in public again

  • Have a child who is a confidant person, able to make good choices in life

  • Watch your child grow up to be a healthy, educated and loving adult.

  • Stop pulling out your hair and start having fun as a family and appreciating each other

  • Be able to come home and relax, not wondering when the next argument will start or what trouble your child is getting into

  • Have a child who will finally listen and respect you

  • Feel proud of your child and excited by the possibilities the future holds with their transformed behaviour!

The Three MYTHS Of Correcting
Your Childs Behavior…...

1. Making threats Will Correct Bad Behavior
How many times have you told your child “Don’t let me count to three, 1…2…” or the classic “Don’t you make me turn this car around”. You might see some short term success with these methods, but you are in fact setting yourself up for much larger problems down the road.
2. The Louder Your Voice, The Better Children Listen
If correcting a child’s behavior was as simple as just raising your voice, you wouldn’t be in this situation. Raising your voice is a common mistake nearly all parents make without even knowing it. There is a better method to instantly getting your child to listen.
3. You Can Win An Argument With Your Child
How often do you find yourself screaming and shouting back and forth with your child? The more you argue, the more it feels like you’re talking to a brick wall - when all you simply want to do is get through to them.

How would your life change if in just one hour from now, you knew exactly how to put a stop to every one of your child’s behavior problems?  How less stressed and frustrated would you be? Would it possibly change the entire atmosphere in your home?

Well, read every word of the article below and I will show you exactly how to quickly and dramatically transform your child’s entire behavior.

But first allow me to introduce myself,

My name is Carol Cline and I have spent the past 16 years as a professional parenting consultant.  I have consulted parents from all over North America, the UK and even Australia, who were all in the exact same situations you are right now. They all wanted...

A fun and loving stress free family life...

Some parents come to me with children who have major disabilities and disorders from ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Autism.

At the same time parents come to me with seriously defiant children who think they rule the world... Kids who pull constant temper tantrums until their blue in the face... Children, who repeatedly talk back, refuse to do what their told and even go so far as beating up siblings.

Kids who selfishly only think of themselves and when they want anything they expect it just this SECOND! Putting it gently, a parent’s worst nightmare...

If your child meets even one of the above descriptions it is understandable to feel like you could pull your hair out or maybe even feel a little hopeless. With all the parenting guides and advice out there, nothing seems to help and the situation is just getting worse. When it comes to parenting these children, It’s easy to feel like a complete failure.

I’m going to tell you right now that you are not a failure and you must know that...


It Is Not Your Fault...

There are no bad children, only bad behavior. When you pictured raising children in your mind’s eye you see them growing up to be happy, healthy and successful… never thinking that raising children could be this hard or complicated.

There are people who help you prepare for having a child and people who show you the proper way to hold and burp your child after their born. But no one prepares you to raise the “perfect” child. It’s all a bunch of personal opinions and theories that only help so much because every child is different.

When first looking for information to correct your child’s behavior, you probably turned to the internet and started searching. It is easy to quickly become bombarded with a million programs for sale that claim to magically correct your child’s bad behavior over night. From books to professional coaching, it is easy to become reluctant to spending money on something only to later find out it was just a bunch of hype.

I have parents come to me who have tried absolutely everything and you would be shocked by how many parents come to me saying...

Professional Child Therapists

Unfortunately they will charge you hundreds by the hour and give you nothing more than theories taken directly from outdated text books that “should” work. The worst part is nearly always, a child therapist will not even have children of their own and if they do, the odds are they have never personally been in the situation you are.

I’m not sure about you, but I would take personal experience over something from a textbook that “should” work any day.

I have had parents come to me countless times furious after spending their last dime on months of therapy for their child and not seen even a single improvement in their child’s behavior.

But how could this be?

It all makes sense when you come to understand that therapy only helps your child open up inside the walls of their office. Once your child walks out their door and back into the world, it is all too easy for them to slip back into their old ways.

I knew there had to be a better way that would not only help any child, but provide parents like you with tools they could use in every day real world situations.

Simply put...

I Will Correct Your
Childs Behavior...

The good news is that kids all behave in a very similar and predictable manner. Your situation is not at all hopeless. By taking advantage of very specific and proven parenting methods, you can transform an out of control and defiant child, into a polite and well behaved one. It's actually not even that hard if you know what specifically to do.

You see, children will try to get away with everything under the sun. Without properly correcting this behavior today it will follow them right into adulthood and becomes nearly impossible to correct. While they are still children, what they actually respond to is in fact vastly different from what you would think. Their motivations and instincts are actually much more basic.

This is why trying to reason, use logic and argue with your child simply does not work. Even telling them how upset you are will not work. It will only further encourage the behavior. 

After hundreds of hours of research and personal experience consulting parents, I have developed an easy to follow step by step system for transforming your child’s behavior. It addresses a vast array of situations and tells you exactly what to do and say in order to get them to be polite and respectful. It is designed in such a way that all you will have to say is a few “magic” words and the bad behavior will immediately stop, all without making a single threat or raising your voice.

Sounds too good to be true, but you will see for yourself how effective my methods are...

I actually used to do private phone consultations where I would charge upwards of $249 an hour to teach this information. However, there were many limitations on using the phone to teach parents. There was simply too much to teach in such a short period of time. Parents in need of immediate help would not get the full benefit from the powerful knowledge I was giving them.

My phone was literally ringing off the hook and it became apparent that word was spreading and I was only able to help one family at a time.

It was at that moment I decided to provide this proprietary information in an online program that could be made instantly available on the internet. This way, more parents would be able to benefit from what I had to offer.

I spent a year and four months laying out a solid, practical blueprint so you would no longer have to guess at what to do and say to your child. I reveal all the deadly mistakes most all parents make while teaching you the proper way to go about correcting the bad behavior, in record speed. It's all there, in step by step easy to follow instructions.

The silver platter is yours for the taking...


"Introducing my proven and guaranteed course that will quickly transform even the worst child behavior in just 7 days flat..."

This Course Has Already Tranformed 12,638
Children's Behavior And Counting This Year!

Thanks to the internet I packaged my Child Behavior Program as a eBook, Video & Audio Course that you can instantly access right from the privacy and comfort of your computer. This course will save you all the frustration, pain and embarrassment you face by not following a proven plan.

Just take a look at everything you will get...

  • The 3 things you MUST do before even attempting to transform your child’s behaviour (Skip any one of these and you could make things even worse)

  • How to act when a child tells you they "don’t want to" even if you know they really do (Trust me, this is a situation you can't afford to mess up if you want fast results)

  • A simple 4-step plan you can use immediately to GUARANTEE your child’s grows up to be a mature, responsible and happy adult in just 7 days flat. (It really is possible when you know exactly how)

  • The "warning signs" that lets you know INSTANTLY when your child is hiding something serious from you (If you don't know what to look for, you will never be able to correct your child’s bad behavior)

  • What to do if your child pulls an embarrassing public temper tantrum (This one will surprise you, but it works instantly like magic)

  • How to deal with lying, stealing, and other more serious behavioral "crimes"

  • A way to compliment your child that shows just the right amount of interest - and actually makes them want to become more responsible!

  • Effective behavioral strategies for children with ADHD, Asperger's syndrome and other specific problems. (This will make things MUCH more easier)

  • The biggest mistake parents make that is the kiss of death for quickly and easily correcting your child’s behavior (If you don't know what it is, chances are you have ALREADY made this mistake without even knowing it)

  • The one rule you must set with your child EVERY SINGLE DAY if you want to be in control.

  • There's one thing that sabotages most parenting efforts more than any other issue - and you can avoid it - Frustration! Learn and follow the 3 steps to avoiding all emotions that will result in further bad behavior.

  • How to deal with kids who are bored (and it won't cost you a penny!)
  • I've tried every 'method' in the world, and I found out something that I didn't expect in a million years. In one chapter I'll explain to you why most 'methods' simply don't work in today's age, and what to do instead.

  • The simple thing you can do with your child that leaves them eagerly wanting to listen and cooperate with you.

  • The thing almost all parents do to try to make a child “smarten up” that actually worsens their behavior… and often impacts how they act as adults.

  • A proven exercise for your child to develop a stone-cold, unshakable inner confidence that allows them to become more social and make good friends.

  • 7 things you can you do to dramatically lower the time it takes to transform your child’s bad behavior (The best part is you can start using them this second)

  • The "mixed signal" children give that throws off 99% of all parents… leaving them frustrated. Here's what to do instead. (Hint: It's not what children say, but what they DO that matters)

  • How to quickly rid your child of talking back to you FOREVER. (Even if your child is older and towers over you)

  • The 6 things inexperienced parents do that instantly tell a child you have no clue what you’re doing… and ruins all chances of quickly and easily correcting bad behavior (And here's what to do instead)

  • I read all the books, went to the parenting seminars, and tried everything. It wasn't until I did THIS ONE THING that it all started to happen for me. Inside I'll share the single most powerful thing you can do to successfully transform your child’s behavior, and why almost no parents do it but should

  • How to pinpoint and strengthen the signs your child is giving you that they are really doing poorly in school. (don’t wait until the report card arrives)

  • 5 things you can do in the crucial first day of correcting their behavior that let your child instantly know it's time for a change (When they realize your serious, they'll become more serious themselves)

  • The deadly mistake too many parents make when trying to discipline their child that all but guarantees they end up regressing with even worse behavior. (If you only read one thing in this book, make sure it's this)

  • The right way to respond when a child complains and starts whining in public (Handle this awkward situation wrong and you're dust. Here's how to calm them down and avoid the embarrassment! I love this one…)

  • Why the so-called parenting "experts" are dead wrong in their ridiculous behavior theories of – Here's how my mother did it and how you should too

  • The 4 things you absolutely MUST do before even attempting to change your child’s behavior (Most parents miss this entirely… and end up risking their child safety)

  • The REAL reason why many parents have a hard time communicating with their child and how you can use this to make your experience more positive from the moment you start

  • A simple, 7-part mini course that takes you by the hand and shows you step-by-step how to develop an amazing sense of trust FAST… even if your child seems hopeless and set in their ways

  • Why most parents actually shoot themselves in the foot when they begin disciplining their child… Here's the crucial thing you need to do differently if you want to get results

  • The "big secret" no parenting book will ever tell you about quickly teaching your child about right and wrong (This will help you advance things with your child TWICE as fast)

  • A psychological secret you can use to guarantee a child will ALWAYS use make smart and conches decisions about drugs and alcohol

  • And much, much, much more…

An Important Reason You Should Try
The Child's Behavior Program Today:

Over 263,000 people in 154 countries have already used the program successfully over the past 4 years!  And I've used the feedback from all of those users to refine the program into the current updated 2010 version, which is more powerful than ever.

As a matter of fact, I had used my database of parent zip codes to plot a map of all of my readers in the US alone...SEE BELOW!  Keep in mind this is only a map of my US-based readers, since the address data for all of my international readers couldn't be plotted by the map software.

Map showing Start Potty Training Readers plotted with mapping software -- zip code data.

As you can see, this map displays all of the readers of the Child's Behavior program in the US alone. All total, I've had over 25,276 parents in 154 countries to date. 

Not only that, but the Child's Behavior program has one of the highest satisfactions rates in the entire industry:

95.3% of Child's Behavior readers are satisfied with the program, while only 4.7% had to retry the program a few weeks later.(I will talk more about these stats shortly)

These reader satisfaction statistics prove that if you apply the info in this program, you WILL get results... plain and simple!


Fast Action Bonus #1:
Instant Access To The Content Of
THREE Additional Best Selling Guides ...

Every child is different and even though I have done my best to create a method that works for nearly everyone who uses it...

You might want to see all the different methods available to you out there. This is why I have worked some magic and am including THREE additional methods when you get your copy of the Child's Behavior program. So not only are you getting one proven guide, you’re getting instant access to the most valuable perenting resource ever created...

And it one cost you one cent extra!

I honestly want this to be the only package you will ever need when correcting your child's bad behavior. Luckily for you, this fast action bonus if available right now, today! But this is truly a very limited time offer that could be here today and gone tomorrow...

Don’t procrastinate and miss out on this amazing and valuable bonus. When it’s gone, it’s gone and there is nothing that can be done about it...

Fast Action Bonus #2:
A Powerful Workbook That Gets Both
You And Your Child More Involved...

  • Hygiene Chart
    Motivate your child to keep track of his/her daily hygiene.

  • Temperament Scale
    Rate your child with regards to each of the nine elements of temperament.

  • Checklist of Concerns
    Use this list to identify your child's emotional and behavioral problems.

  • Weekly Parenting Goals
    Become a better parent by working on these parenting goals each week.

  • Broken Rule Assignment
    Assign this worksheet to your child when he or she continuously breaks a rule.

  • Emotion Scales
    Use these scales to find out your child's level of anger, sadness, anxiety, etc.

  • Household Expectations
    List your child's household expectations on this simple form.

  • Behavioral Progress Report
    How did your child do today at school or at daycare? Find out by using this progress report.

  • Reminders from Your Child
    Print this colorful list of reminders and place it on your refrigerator for all to see.

  • Promoting Your Child's Education
    This is a list of the simple and necessary steps that can be taken to promote your child's education.

  • Parenting Styles
    Which of these parenting styles is closest to yours?

  • Parenting Tips
    Follow this useful parenting advice and watch your parenting skills improve.
  • Running an Effective Family Meeting
    Weekly family meetings are a terrific way to bring the family together to solve problems and discuss issues.

  • Raising a Street Safe Child (Tips from the Brighton Police Dept. in Colorado)
    Keep your child safe by following the safety guidelines listed on this page.

  • Would You Rather...?
    A fun little "discussion" game to play with your child. You'll be surprised at what you will learn.

  • Role-Playing Scenarios
    Find out what your child would do in these predicaments. This is a great learning experience for any child.

  • Family Meeting Discussion Topics
    This is a long list of questions related to various character traits and issues. Use it to foster discussion during family meetings.

  • Getting to Know Your Child
    Here are some fun questions to ask your child. Do you know how he or she will answer?

  • Things to Ponder 
    Fill in the blanks as they relate to your parenting experience.

  • Are you a "Plugged-In" Parent?
    Answer these questions to determine how well you truly know your child. Think you can pass this "quiz?"

  • Assessing Your Child's Negative Behavior
    Use this chart to determine the possible causes or influences of your child's problem behavior.

  • Parenting Contract
    This parenting agreement defines what it means to be a parent. Sign this contract and show you care.


FREE Bonus #3:
This Guide Comes With My Personal
1 On 1 Coaching Free Of Charge...

Normaly I charge $294 Per Hour For My Help
- You Dont Pay A Single Cent -

There are always going to be some parents with somewhat "unique" circumstances when it comes to disciplining their child. Which is why I'm offering you my personal undivided attention. Simply e-mail me your unique questions and they shall be promptly answered by ME personally.



FREE Bonus #4:
This Program Comes With
FREE Child Behavior Charts...

(A $29.00 Value - Yours Free)

Free behavior charts that are easy to use and that are popular with kids. These behavior charts are used successfully by parents every day and I know your child will love them!

Each child is different though, so test them out and see which behavior charts work best for each particular child. You can even invite them over to the computer with you and have them pick the style of behavior chart they want to try. This can help them take ownership of their experience with the behavior charts and help them be more committed to following through with them.

The colorful behavior charts are perfect for laminating and using over and over with the appropriate marker. When the behavior chart has been filled, just wipe it off with a damp cloth and you're ready to use it again.

These charts are bundled with The Childs Behavior Program completely free of charge just to say thank you for trying the program.



FREE Bonus #5:
The #1 Parent Magazine...

Recive 30 issues total right to your mailbox
FREE with the Child's Behavior program*-

I am very excited to have the privilege of giving away a free 2 year subscription to Parents Magazine! Just as a way to say thank you and show my appreciation for choosing to use the Child's Behavior program. Thanks to Parents Magazine through ChildsBehavior.com, each year for the next two years you can find a brand new issue waiting in your mailbox every month!

With Parents Magazine mailing out 15 issues a year that adds up to 30 issues total and a savings of over $100! But understandably I cannot make this kind of offer forever. The ones lucky enough to get my guide this very minute will be receiving an amazing value free while the bonus lasts.


FREE Bonus #6:
How To Raise Great Kids ...

(Sold Separately for $17 - You Get It Free)


Although parenting is a huge responsibility, it truly is one of the most rewarding experiences. That’s what makes it all worth it in the end!

But while you're in the middle of it, it can seem like you're the only one who has the questions you do. But in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

To help you get the answers you need, we collected the following information from parenting experts...


Inside You Will Discover...

  • Simple, step-by-step plans for EACH of the 10 critical moments when you teach a child what to do in case of an emergency (Most parents screw up at least one and end up confusing their child)
  • A simple tip that helps your child become social and make swarms of friends on their own

  • The secret to knowing if your child is lying to your face or not (Know ahead of time to prevent any surprises on report cards, bully problems and more)

  • My proven, 2-step sequence for knowing if a child is responsible enough to be left home alone  that NEVER fails

  • The 2 sentences you MUST SAY when a child asks you about death… if you want them to understand without worrying

  • The CRUCIAL thing you must do to insure your child continues to eat healthy for the rest of their life (This will instantly positively separate you from every parent you know)

  • The easiest and most comfortable way there is to break the anxiety your child has about their first day of school (The first day is usually the scariest… but not when you do this)

  • A guaranteed way to avoid the embarrassing and all-too-common public temper tantrums.

  • The right way and the wrong way to talk to your children about poisons (Most parents make this deadly mistake and never know it. Here’s how to make sure your child never touches or drinks hazardous chemicals or pills)

  • The shocking truth about how to REALLY boost your child’s self esteem (What sign you can ignore… and what signs you cannot afford to miss)

  • Plus so much more


"All I Can Say Now Is "WOW"
It Hasn’t Even Been 7 Days Yet...

From: Leslie_butterfly75@xxxxxxxxxxxx.com
To: Carol.Cline@ChildsBehavior.com

At first I was completely sceptical that this program could change my childs behavior. If you only knew what I had gone through the past few years, any change in my childs behavior would seem like a miracle.

All I can say now is "WOW" it hasn’t even been 7 days yet and with just using the XXXX XXXXXX method alone, I have nearly corrected all my sons behavioural problems.

I’m sure you get this a lot from other parents but I truly want to thank you for giving me the family I had always hoped for. Nothing is better than looking forward to coming home from work and being able to enjoy one another’s company.

I’m sure that things will only continue to get better thanks to your program.


(Lesley Monhollen)

"Blown Away By How Little Changes
Could Make Huge Improvements...

From: swimmergirl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.com
To: Carol.Cline@ChildsBehavior.com


My child’s temper tantrums where completely out of control over the past year. It got to the point where my oldest son Kyle would hold his breath until he turned blue.

When you feel out of control as a parent it is one measurable feeling. I always felt as if I had done something wrong or was a failure as a parent because I didn’t know how to correct his behavior when it occurred.

Since investing in your program I feel more in control of the way my son acts. I was blown away by how little changes could make huge improvements in my son’s behavior as I thought it would be way more complicated then it was.

My husband and I thank you for creating this program,

(Sara & Paul Hackburt)

"Your Program Worked
Like A Charm...

From: Harrisonfamily@xxxxxx.net
To: Carol.Cline@ChildsBehavior.com


It has been months since first getting my hands on your program and I can’t believe I am just writing to you now. Yesterday my child’s end of year report card arrived in the mail and I was lucky enough to spot it in the mailbox before my son could hide it like usual.

I opened it up expecting to see all D’s and C’s but to my surprise there was nothing below a B- and even one A-!!!!

It is such a good feeling, being able to be proud of your son.

Your program worked like a charm and I’m writing to you now because his report card is tangible proof that any parent can raise a smart and caring child when struggling with behaviour issues is no longer a problem.

My wife and I send our thanks and have already referred many of our friends your way over the past few months.

(Jason & Morena Harrison)

"First Time In My Life Things Feel
Calm And The Way They Should Be...

From: Donna_sungirl@xxxXxxxxxxXxxx.com
To: Carol.Cline@ChildsBehavior.com


Ok so I took a leap of faith and ordered your program two weeks ago. I know your program said 7 days but for my child progress was slow at first. I had noticed some instant changes after applying your XXXX XXX XXXXX technique that I was very thankful you shared with me.

By the end of the second week I could tell that our family had taken a new and positive direction. For the first time in my life things feel calm and the way they should be. This is all thanks to you for creating such a wonderful program and being able to work with me for when I really needed it.

Carol, words can’t describe just how much this program has made a difference.

(Donna Fortman)

"Felt Like I Just Struck Gold When I
Watched It Work Just Like You Said...

From: PaulaM.79@xxxXxxXxxx.com
To: Carol.Cline@ChildsBehavior.com


Carol, I want to give you one big hug because the difference in my childs behavior is just like day and night. We watched the video over the weekend and both decided to take action on the Monday.

Well its Friday night now and I actually have a calm and quiet house! I could see the positive change your program had made on my family every day of the week. Now I am no longer breaking up fights and actually have time to sit down and write this letter to you.

We have four children just like you and the second one starts to act up it is just like a chain reaction. It used to get so out of control not even my husband and I together could break things up.

Now after your program my husband and I are a well oiled machine and the fights are over before they even begin with our children. I used your xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx method and felt like I just struck gold when I watched it work just like you said.

I’m going to stop myself from rambling too much but thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

(Paula Mulcahy)

"I’m A Child Therapist Myself
And Ordered Your Program

From: DrLMathews@xxxxxxxxxXX.XXXXxxX.org
To: Carol.Cline@ChildsBehavior.com


At first I just stumbled upon your website after doing a Google search and I must say was I am quite impressed. I’m a child therapist myself and ordered your program out of complete curiosity for what you had to offer. After looking over your program I had discovered many useful techniques I had never even heard of that are just plain brilliant.

I will absolutely be recommending your program to parents I am working with.

(Dr. Laurence Mathews)


Click Here To Skip Reading And Get Started Right Now


Listening To Friends & Family
Just Doesn't Work...

I'm just going to be honest with you: Advice that worked for one child will not necessarily work for your own. Sure people mean well and are persistent to help you out but you should take their advice with a grain of salt.

It's like taking medical advice from a mechanic who claimed he used to have the same medical problem as you and knows a cure. What helped him might not be the right solution for you.

My point is, parents make it much harder when it comes to disciplining. Often times, they have a number of other parents "orbiting" around them, just throwing different advice out there. You don't know what advice will work for your child, so you end up using trial and error.

The worst part is, the longer you take and the more approaches you try, that harder it becomes to actually get through to your child. Not to mention the more frustrating it and unbearable it becomes as a parent.

You need to act fast, but you need to act in the correct manner. You need to act a way in which your child will positively respond to. Keep reading because I'll be getting to that part soon enough...

Why Should You Listen To Me?...

What makes me so special? What qualifies me to teach you how to transform your child’s bad behavior? The short answer is as follows:

I have a masters degree in early childhood development. I absolutely LOVE teaching this stuff.

I have studied (specifically) male-female dynamics and how both sexes differ when dealing with behavior.

I'm a successful daycare owner, which means I have dealt with hundreds of different children. I understand what works and why it works.

As a mother of four myself, I have personally gone through what you are going through and have succeeded in raising successful, polite and loving teenagers. I've also helped countless friends do the same over the years.

By now, I've helped literally thousands of parents transform even the worst bad behavior forever. The package offered on this website has gone through much "refinement" based on the feedback and awesome ideas sent to me by previous customers. You get loads more "bang for your buck" now than they did.

All of this combines to make me perfectly qualified to teach you, step by step, how to drastically change the behaviour of your son or daughter.

Even More Reasons:

  • Take a look at all the unsolicited testimonials I have received

  • I have consulted parents for almost 16 years and have transformed some of the worst children into some of the smartest and brightest I have ever come across.

  • All my methods are with today's busy parent in mind. You will never have to lay a single singer on your child like other programs will have you do

When your child’s bad behavior is a thing of the past , how proud will you be? Aren't you sick to death of Yelling and shouting, never feeling like your getting though to them when all you really want to do is help? I reveal all the proven little secrets to fast results in the "Child’s Behavior program".


Just Imagine...


Less stress - You know as well as I do, parenting is a full time job. Even if you work hard all day at your job, the work does not end once you get home. Cooking, Cleaning and life can all get in the way... the last thing you want to do is deal with bad behavior.
No More Frustration - Never again will you feel like pulling your hair out. Spending time with your child will be drasticly different when all the hitting, screaming and whining is taken out of the equation.
Being A Proud Parent - The best feeling in the world is knowing that your child is taking the right direction in life. Every time you think of the new possibilities and opportunities that open up for your child with their new behavior, words can’t describe how good you will fee.
Having A Happy Loving Family - I remember days where I would pull in the driveway after work and just sit in my car for 20 minutes before entering my house. Now I find myself counting down the minutes until I can get home and see my family.

When Child behavior is no longer in issue things will quickly become much more fun and your family will immediately get a feeling of togetherness.

A Better Life -Living with a child who behaves badly can seriously take a major toll on your life. I can honestly tell you right now that the second your child transforms their behavior, your life becomes unquestionably better.

Confidence - I have talked about all the ways your life will improve but let’s not forget the change it will immediately make in your child’s life.

Children who behave positively are proven to gain more self confidence and become a much more outgoing individual. This is a big stepping stone to how much more likely they will become to try new experiences like sports, music, camp and stay out of trouble in general.

It will significantly lower their chances of carrying their bad behavior into adulthood. Lowering all chances of them exploring drugs, alcohol or participating in other illegal crimes.

Hurry - Your "Window Of Opportunity"
Is Closing Fast...

Statistics prove the longer you wait, the more likely your child is to carry on with their negative behavior throughout adulthood. Your child will start to become progressively worse with each passing day and become very difficult to discipline. This is why you have to take action right now and start correctly transforming your child’s behavior immediately.

The clock is ticking parents, and I'm not just saying that to scare you. You have the opportunity to jump through the window while it is still open and prevent it from closing. I'm giving you a step by step system that uses advanced child psychology to quickly and easily change even the worst child behaviour.

Properly disciplining your child’s bad behavior is important and you know it. You have every right to take advantage of the knowledge I'm presenting you with. You have every right get your child back on track and pointed in the right direction. And this time, it'll be for life.


FACT: 95.3% Success Rate

I'm not going to lie and shamelessly over hype my Child Behavior Program like some sort of used car salesman. It's not 100% perfect. I mean, could you really trust a person who claims a 100% success rate?

Based on a previous survey, I have concluded that my system works 95.3% of the time. Over the span of 14 and a half months I had 685 individuals from America, Canada and Australia (among a few others) test out my Child Behavior Program.

I found parents in online discussion forums trying to figure out how to correct their child’s behavior. I contacted all of them and asked if they were interested in testing out my program. Most of them eagerly agreed to test it out for me.

I sent my newly acquired test subjects my Childs Behavior Program to try out for 7 days. After that time period had ended, I contacted each of them and asked if their son or daughter had drastically changed their child’s behavior. An impressive 656 out of 685 of the test parents responded with "yes". That adds up to a 95.3% success rate.

The results of the questionnaire I sent out were as follows:

Has their behavior drastically improved for the better? (Yes = 95.3%) (No = 4.7%)
Did you get results within the first 7 days? (Yes = 91.6%) ) (No = 9.4%)
Would you recommend ChildsBehavior.com to others? (Yes = 98.3%) (No = 1.7%)
Will you use these methods if you have another child? (Yes = 93.9%) (No = 8.1%)

"The Only Regret I Have Is Not
Finding Your Program Sooner...

From: Footballkingshane@xxxxXxxX.net
To: Carol.Cline@ChildsBehavior.com


Investing in your program was investing in my family at the same time. I knew things were getting out of hand and I needed to do something about it quickly.

I loved how there where techniques I could start to apply the second I read them and get results just as fast.

For example, I was able to immediately stop a heated argument between my two older sons the moment it started using your XXXXXXX strategy. It worked just like you said it would.

The only regret I have is not finding your program sooner.

(Shane Ashenfielder)

"Thank You, It Was Worth Every Penny..."

From: LoughlinFamily@xxxxX.com
To: Carol.Cline@ChildsBehavior.com


You have absolutely no idea how stubborn my daughter Sarah truly was. It didn’t matter what I asked her to do, the answer was always "NO!" I found your book and thought what the heck since you had a money back guarantee.

What can I say!

I feel almost foolish now because using your advice all seems too simple to use. I discovered that I had been approaching her everyway but the right way, as I’m sure most parents do too. I had to take a few minutes to thank you, it was worth every penny.

(Anita Loughlin)

"My Jaw Dropped To See Them
Instantly Stop Fighting...

From: Footballkingshane@xxxxXxxX.net
To: Carol.Cline@ChildsBehavior.com


Upon getting my copy of your program I had hoped I would be another testimonial and well HERE I AM :-)

I dedicated myself and applied your advice and what can I say, it worked better then I imagined. Five times a day my two sons would start a yelling match, which led to kicking and biting. I’m not a very strong women so when my husband was away for work, I had no clue how to break it up myself.

I used the two magic words you mentioned in the book and my jaw dropped to see them instantly stop fighting. This is some powerful stuff that every parent should have as their secret weapon.

Thanks you for taking time to create this program for parents like me.

(Cora Burke)


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Get Immediate Results!

The very minute you download my step by step program, you will be able to start taking action immediately. My Child Behavior Program is jam packed with proven effective methods and techniques you can use the moment you read about them. I lay it all out for you in a step by step, easy to follow blueprint that any parent can follow.

I get e-mails all the time from parents telling me how shocked they were at how simple and effective the information contained in my Child Behavior Program was. They literally can't believe how practical and immediately useful it is.

Not only that, but it gets right to the point and avoids any and all "fluff". Personally, I hate 300 page books that can be summed up in 60 pages or less. I get right to the point. No fluff, no games. I write only meaty, practical, step by step information that can be put into action the minute you read it.


Beware Of Other Advice
For Sale Online...

There are a lot of so called "experts" out there dishing out free "one-size-fits-all" information on how to magically change your child’s behavior. Their advice is not based on today's reality and parenting standards. It is mostly all generic regurgitated information that is complete garbage.

A lot of the mothers and fathers have come to me in desperation after trying some of the advice these sites make available for free (and some websites even charge for this "generic" garbage now). You get what you pay for ladies and gentlemen. Pay nothing and you get nothing of real value.

In fact, I cringe whenever I read some of the stuff freely available online. They say "take something valuable to them away" or "make them sit in their room". There seems to be an abundance of information that has absolutely no scientific basis to it. This information will hurt your chances quickly correcting your child’s bad behavior.

And it gets worse! Lately I've been seeing this very same free information being packaged and sold to unsuspecting victims. Take my advice and don't waste your money on junk information that will only backfire or provide temporary solutions.

I recently took the time to pay for and download some of the other products being sold on child behavior. I was shocked to discover they were either poorly copying my advice or blatantly rehashing free (harmful!) information already available online. I urge you to go do a side by side comparison of my website with other sites selling similar information. I'm confident you will come to the same conclusion hundreds before you have.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of behavior problems are covered in the program?
A: The Child’s Behavior Program® will help you deal with all the behaviors children and adolescents present as they develop into young adults.

We focus primarily on the problem behaviors that prevent a child from getting along with others: developing self-esteem, managing anger, underachievement, school performance, substance abuse, and general social problem solving.

We will give you specific tools and techniques to deal with problems such as fighting, arguing with parents, lying, temper tantrums, talking back, destroying property, picking on siblings or classmates, acting sullen and withdrawn, lack of motivation, cigarette smoking, substance abuse, and behavior problems in school and in the community.

It’s important to note that the skills you learn in the program will help you to parent all your children, not only those who have attitude or behavior problems.

Q: How long will it take to achieve a real change in my child's behavior?
A: Individual families will vary, but you should notice changes in your child and in yourself the very first day you use the Child’s Behavior Program® techniques.

As you learn more about effective parenting roles, behavior management techniques, and problem-solving tools, you will see even more significant, lasting changes in your child’s attitude. Parenting your child will become easier for you and a lot more enjoyable.

Q: child has a diagnosis (such as ADD, ADHD, ODD, bipolar disorder, Aspergers Syndrome, etc.) Will it work for him?
A: Yes. I believe that children who have been diagnosed with a neurological or mental health disorder will absolutely benefit from the parenting tools and techniques in The Child’s Behavior Program®. Emotional and behavioral disorders interfere with a child’s self-management and problem-solving skills.

So The Child’s Behavior Program® is especially helpful, and indeed necessary, for children who are living with these conditions." Disclaimer

Q: What is the age range for this program?
A: I've used the techniques and concepts in The Child's Behavior Program® successfully with children as young as four years of age. The Child's Behavior Program® is a valuable resource for parents of children of any age, because it provides guidelines to help you develop the most effective and productive parenting styles for any given situation

Q: Can this program work for me if I’m divorced and my son’s father lets him get away with everything at his house?
A: One of the primary goals of the this program is to develop a “culture of accountability” between you and your child. You will be able to teach your child to be accountable for his behavior in your home, regardless of the standards of behavior and expectations in the other parent’s home.

Q: Can grandparents use The Child’s Behavior Program®?
A: Absolutely. Grandparents find the information in The Child’s Behavior Program® to be of tremendous benefit in training and managing their grandchildren, whether on visits or as caretakers.

In some families, it is the grandparents who must lead the way in opening their children’s minds to more effective parenting interventions, and The Child’s Behavior Program® provides them with that opportunity..

Q: Can The Child’s Behavior Program® be used by teachers, educational technicians and counselors?
A: Every adult who deals with children in a meaningful way will benefit from the concepts and practical ideas presented in The Child’s Behavior Program®.

Q: Is there anyone who shouldn’t use program?
A: Children with severe autism, profound mental retardation, and disorders that result in an inability to communicate will generally not benefit from the techniques outlined in The Child’s Behavior Program®. But their parents will definitely benefit from the parenting concepts taught in the program.


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So What Makes This Different
From Everything Else Out There?

Every single book out there is purely theory that only gets truly put to the test long after it has already been published. With The Child’s Behavior Program we have put blood, sweat and tears into working with hundreds of parents and coming up with a course that is build upon what WORKS instead of what SHOULD work. 

You want the best chance of quickly and easily transform your child’s behavior, that’s why we set out to make the best course available so you can do just that.

* Our competitors have asked that we discontinue listing them on this page.
Their names have been changed to Competitor #1, Competitor #2 and Competitor #3.

Ok so the last question left on your mind by now should be...


How Much Does This Program Cost?

When child behavior becomes a serious problem for you and your family, I know how frustrating and hopeless you can start to feel.

So what could you do to make things better?

The bad news is there are not too many realistic options for everyday parents who need immediate help. You could try and book an appointment with a professional therapist or guidance councillor but there are some very big negatives that come along with doing so.

Most truly helpful professionals are booked up for weeks if not months. This leaves you dealing with bad behavior for days and days on your own. Not to mention every day you waist not receiving professional guidance, the harder it will become to correct the behavior.

The second negative that comes from seeking help from therapists and guidance counsilors is that you receive a jaw dropping bill for every hour you spend in their office. With most worthwhile professionals you can expect to pay a minimum of $249.00 per hour and it normally would take at least 4 hours for them to cover everything you could learn from reading my program.

That means my program could go for AT LEAST $996.00 and considering having a lifelong happy and loving relationship with your child is priceless, it would be worth every penny.

But don’t worry...

Thanks to the internet you won’t have to spend an enormous amount of money or wait hopelessly for months to get help. I have made this entire package instantly available and affordable for every family.


For less than the price of going out for a good meal as a family you can get started just 1 hour from now and start seeing immediate results all for only $197.00 $37.00.

Soon you and your family will start to enjoy some FUN and laughter again. No more fighting, tempers, defiance, tantrums and other problems. Doesn't that make sense?

Plus I offer what you will never see a so called “professional” dare to offer...

My course is Fantastic, but not perfect. Not many people would be willing to admit that to you, but I want you to know just how much confidence I have this will work for you. We have about a 95.3% success rate. That means we successfully help over 95 out of every 100 families.

Keep in mind each child including yours is different. And if by rare chance your child happens to fall into the 5% that it does not work for, then let me double your money back just to say thank you for taking the time and trying it out. Your investment is protected by my amazing double your money back guarantee.

My guarantee is simple. I want you to purchase the course right now completely at my risk. Read through my course and apply my techniques. If you are not happy with the results for any reason (or no reason) simply show me on paper exactly what 5 methods you used that did not work for you and I will promptly double your money back, hassle free. It's that simple. Basically...either your child is better behaved or I pay you for taking the time to try my program.

No catch or hidden fine print – just pure confidence that this system will absolutely work for your child, because after all...

If it didn’t work amazingly, could I really afford to make this kind of guarantee?


PLUS: You Will Be Directly Helping
Make A Childs Last Wish Come True With...

Oprah always says to pay it forward and that is exactly what you will be doing when you grab your Child’s Behavior Program!

Since 1980, the Make-A-Wish Foundation® has enriched the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions through its wish-granting work. The Foundation's mission reflects the life-changing impact that a Make-A-Wish® experience has on children, families and entire communities.

Since its humble beginnings, the organization has blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon. With a network of nearly 25,000 volunteers that enable the Make-A-Wish Foundation to serve children with life-threatening medical conditions They reach more than 174,000 children around the world.

Starting in 2009 a generous percentage of all proceeds made will be donated to The Make A Wish Foundation. Not only will you have a fully corrected your child’s behavior in 7 days flat... you will directly be helping provide a child with their last true wish. I hold this foundation close to my heart and together we can make a big difference.


Take Action Now And Effortlessly Transform Your Childs Bad
Behavior In 7 Days Flat...

Carol, help me out NOW! I am sick and tired of being embarrassed by my child's behavior...

By taking action today, I understand that:

  • I want my children to grow up as polite, cheerful and confident members of society. I am fed up and tired of being embarrassed by their behavior. Finally I have found a system that is going to help me to get their behavior under control, so that they do as they are told, instead of being naughty and disobedient all the time.

  • By taking quick action today, I will save over $996 for professional advice this year by only investing just $37 for this program to have a polite and well behaved child. This is a one time investment with no hidden fees or other charges.

  • guarantee

    Well over $206.95 worth of bonuses absolutely FREE Including 3additional best selling child behavior guides and 2 years of Parents Magazine free. Only available for a very, VERY limited time as the offer could be taken down any day now.

  • As a bonus, I also get the option for personal coaching. By claiming access to my Child's Behavior Program today, I can access ongoing personal help. If I need any help in the future, or if I come across an obstacle unique to my situation, you will work with me personally 1 on 1.

  • guaranteeMy satisfaction is fully guaranteed for life. If I'm not fully satisfied for whatever reason, I can easily cancel my Child's Behavior Program, which will immediately deactivate my access, and ask for a full refund, and you will process it promptly for me.

  • On clicking the download now button, I will be taken to the secure order page.
    My credit card and personal information will be kept absolutely safe and secure through PayPal. ChildsBehavior.com or any 3rd parties will never have access to any of the information I provide. All major credit cards are accepted, as well as PayPal® and e-checking are also available.


Regularly $197.00 TODAY $37.00

NOTE: We accept new orders 24 hours a day, so you can instantly get your copy right now, even if it's 2:00am.

I wish you and your entire family
nothing but the best. I look forward
to helping you transform your child.

Carol Cline

P.S     Studies prove the longer you wait, the harder it becomes correct your childs behavior. If you download right now , I can promise you’ll have your son or daughter on their best behavior within 7 days flat.
P.P.S     Your only 2 minutes away from proprietary, unique information that really works. I guarantee it or I will give you DOUBLE your money back. That’s how confidant I am that my method works. I’ve seen it work for over hundreds of families, so if you take action and apply the concepts I reveal, you will have success.
P.P.P.S     Ok so you have to be interested if you are still reading! Go click the download now button and start immediately discovering how you can immediatly transform your child's behavior in 7 days flat. With my 200% money back guarantee you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!









"Results In Just The First Day
Of Using Your Methods...

From: CanadaSkiGirl@xxxxxxxxxx.com
To: Carol.Cline@ChildsBehavior.com


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU! I had high hopes to begin with but your program really blew me away. I feel in total control and like I’m helping make a positive difference in my child life.

I started seeing results in just the first day of using your methods and now Kevin (my son) is nearly a perfect angel. No more talking back or big embarrassing public temper tantrums. You gave me the tools to take control of different situations and stop matters from escalating.

For this I truly thank you

(Debbie Yong)

"Results In Just The First Day
Of Using Your Methods...

From: CanadaSkiGirl@xxxxxxxxxx.com
To: Carol.Cline@ChildsBehavior.com


My daughter would completely freak out every time I would drive by a Toys R Us and not go in. Nothing is worse than dealing with traffic and a screaming 7 year old at the same time.

I searched online for help and that is when I was fortunate enough to come by your site. I wasn’t sure if you could help but said "what the heck" and gave it a shot. Not even 10 min. After watching your video I had the information I needed and could not wait to try it out first hand.

I purposely took my daughter for a dive and decided to pass Toys R Us to see. Sure enough the temper tantrum occurred again but this time I did what you said to do and told her politely XXXXXXX XXX XXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXX. She instantly stopped the crocodile tears and said to me "ok mommy" and since then we have never had a problem driving by that store lol

Blown away by how simple and effective your parenting methods can be once you know what they are. Doctors should give every parent a copy of your guide when their child is born haha!

(Jessica & Cory Glendale )


Regularly $197.00 TODAY $37.00

NOTE: We accept new orders 24 hours a day, so you can instantly get your copy right now, even if it's 2:00am.

Quotes From Childs Behavior Customers…

…I have finished the program (2, maybe 3 times!)… I want to tell you something. And I want you to really hear this. Thank you. This has really opened my eyes! I am 'dealing with my child' in a completely new light! I am acting more relaxed, confident, and self assured when my child publicly acts out than I ever have before. I have had fun with my child in the past week than in the past 6 months of tantrums. It has been over a year and a half since I split with my ex-wife, and I have not been on the same page with her about discipline since. But now, we are working as a team and it feels as if a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. My child is an angel!… Let me say it again: Thank you. By the way, there were a few times I busted up laughing at some of the suggestions you gave because sometimes they are so simple no has thought of it except you. It's not only good advice, but makes for an excellent read!…

-F.H. from Portland, OR

…I just read your whole book last night, and I never felt so enlightened in all my life. There were so many things in it I realized before, but I never believed before I read your book. Then I thought about it and realized that way you said parents should act is the exact same way my friends with “perfect children” act. Thanks a lot for writing it, if you are ever in Pittsburgh let me know…

-B.L. from California

…This book should be required reading for all parents before they're allowed to raise a child. The more that I use the attitude and tips that you wrote in your book, the more my son responds to me. It's amazing. Who knew that you could actually learn to be the ultimate parent from a book? And your two coaching is truly amazing.

-J.B. from Ohio

…Wow. The hardest part of disciplining my child was the fear they would grow up hating me. You illustrated the weaknesses in my initial approach, setting me on the right track and I’m getting big results. I am having a blast being parenting for the first time since my child was just a little baby. You are a life saver…

-J.F.B. from Pittsburgh, PA

Regularly $197.00 TODAY $37.00

NOTE: We accept new orders 24 hours a day, so you can instantly get your copy right now, even if it's 2:00am.


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